Shenyang Aerospace University Admission





Doctor's Degree

26,000 CNY/Year
           (≈3700 US$)

in the English medium

Master's Degree

20,000 CNY/Year
           (≈2800 US$)

in the English medium

Bachelor's Degree

18,000 CNY/Year
           (≈2500 US$)

in the English medium

Chinese Language

12,000 CNY/Year
           (≈1700 US$)


Foundation Program

14,000 CNY/Year
           (≈2000 US$)

in the English medium


Private Room

1200 CNY/Month
           (≈170 US$)


Single Room

850 CNY/Month
           (≈120 US$)

Friendship Villa

650 CNY/Month
           (≈90 US$)

Block A/B/C

Twin Room

600 CNY/Month
           (≈80 US$)

Friendship Villa

500 CNY/Month
           (≈70 US$)

Block A/B/C

Residence Permit

One Year

840 CNY
           (≈120 US$)


Less than one year

440 CNY
           (≈70 US$)



700 CNY
           (≈100 US$)


Health Insurance

600 CNY/Year
           (≈90 US$)



2000 CNY/4 Years
           (≈300 US$)



500 CNY
           (≈70 US$)

including sheet, pillow and quilt

Internet Service

480 CNY/Year
           (≈60 US$)


Physical Test

700 CNY
           (≈100 US$)



100 units free per month

students should meet the excess cost


Note: The exchange rate is subject to the day you make payment.


Conditions of Payment
1.SAU prospective students could choose to pay fee before he or she comes here or at least pay complete fee within 15 days after his or her arrival. Any failure of payment will result in visa problem.
 2. Please be noted that payment cannot be made in installments. Degree program student and one-year language program student shall pay one-year fee at once.

Undergraduate Programs (4 years)
1Aerospace EngineeringCollege of Aerospace Engineering
2Aircraft Design and Engineering
3Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering
4Mechanics Engineering
5Safety EngineeringCollege of Safety Engineering
6Fire-fighting Engineering
8Aircraft Airworthiness Technology
9Welding Technology and EngineeringCollege of Material Science and Engineering
10Material Forming and Control Engineering
11Metal Materials Engineering
12Functional Materials
13Complex Material and Engineering
14Electronic Information EngineeringCollege of Electronics Information Engineering
15Telecommunication Engineering
16Aircraft Propulsion Engineering (joint program with foreign universities)College of International Engineering
17Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and its Automation (joint program with foreign universities)
18Aircraft Propulsion EngineeringCollege of Engine
19Energy and Power Engineering
20Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and its AutomationCollege of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
21Vehicle Engineering
22Mechanical and Electronics Engineering
23Computer Science and TechnologyCollege of Computer Science
24Internet Engineering
25Software Engineering
26Internet of Things Engineering
27Industrial EngineeringCollege of Economics and Management
28Information Management and Information Systems
29Logistics Management
31Human Resources Management
32International Business
34Applied PhysicsCollege of Science
35Information and Computational Science
36TransportationCollege of Civil Aviation
37Flight Technology
38Aircraft Quality and Reliability
39Aircrew Service Art and Management
40Energy and Environment System EngineeringCollege of Power and Energy Engineering
41Environment Engineering
42New Energy Science and Engineering
43Industrial DesignCollege of Design Art
44Product Design
45Environment Design
46Visual Communication Design
47Numeral Medium Art
48EnglishCollege of Foreign Languages
50Detection Guidance and Control TechnologyCollege of Automation
51Measurement Control Technology and Instruments
Graduate Programs (3 years)
1Aerospace Manufacturing EngineeringCollege of Aerospace Engineering
2Aircraft Design
4General Aviation Aircraft Design and Manufacturing
6Aerospace Propulsion Theory and EngineeringCollege of Engine
7Man Machine and Environmental Engineering
8Power Machinery and Engineering
9Fluid Mechanics and Engineering
10Power Engineering
11Power Engineering and Engineering Thermal PhysicsCollege of Power and Energy Engineering
12Resources and Environment
13Energy and Power
14Mechanical EngineeringCollege of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
16Electronics and InformationCollege of Electronics Information Engineering
17Information and Telecommunication Engineering
18Computer Science and TechnologyCollege of Computer Science
19Electronic Information
20Business ManagementCollege of Economics and Management
21Tourism Management
22Engineering Management
23Control Science and EngineeringCollege of Automation
24Electronic Information
25Resources and EnvironmentCollege of Safety Engineering
26Safety Science and Engineering
27DesignCollege of Design Art
28Mechanics (Industrial Design and Engineering)
29Fine Arts
30Materials Science and EngineeringCollege of Material Science and Engineering
31MathematicsCollege of Science
33Transportation EngineeringCollege of Civil Aviation
35Marxism TheoryCollege of Marxism
Doctoral Programs (3 years)
Aerospace Science and TechnologyCollege of Aerospace Engineering